Submission of Abstracts and Evaluation

Abstracts of 300-500 words containing the purpose, method, resources to be used and possible findings should be sent to the address [email protected]  as an attached file until September 1, 2021.

Paper proposals will be evaluated through a double-blind review process by the Congress Academic  Committee, taking into account the Congress topics, compliance with scientific criteria and the originality of the study. Accepted paper proposals will be announced on September 1, 2021. Academics / researchers whose paper proposals have been accepted are required to send the full texts of their papers to [email protected] by October 15, 2021.

The following rules for full text papers are also valid for abstracts.

Style Guidelines

  1. In the study, the title should be written in capital letters, centered, bold; and the name and surname of the author should be written just below it. The unnumbered footnote to be placed at the bottom of the page should include academic title, institution, ORCID number and e-mail address respectively.
  2. After the title and the name of the author, there should be an abstract in Turkish and English with 300-500 words, written in 10 points. The title should also be specified in the English summary.
  3. After the abstract, 5 keywords and bibliography should be added in Turkish and English.
  4. The font of the texts should be Times New Roman and font size 12. The font size of the table, footnote and sources is 10.
  5. The study should be in Microsoft Word format and should be written in A4 paper size. 2.5 cm from the bottom, top, right and left of the page; 1.25 cm space should be left in the footer and header.
  6. Paragraphs should not have line spacing, indent should be 0 cm, spacing should be 6 nk before and 6 nk after and line spacing should be single line.
  7. If footnotes will be indicated under the text, the footnotes should be as follows:
    1. For book citations: Author name and surname, book title, edition number, publisher, place of publication, year, page number.
    2. For edited book citations: Author name and surname, “chapter name”, book title, editor, edition number, publisher, place of publication, year, page number.
    3. For article citations: Author name and surname, article name, journal name, year, volume, issue, page number.
  8. Tables and graphics should be numbered separately, and just below the table or graphic, the source should be specified in 10 pt.
  9. Original documents, pictures, maps and similar attachments that are not directly related to the text should not be included in the text unless necessary; should be numbered and added to the end of the text. High resolution images should be sent in digital copies as well.
  10. Papers to be sent for the congress must be original work that has not been published in another academic event or is not being evaluated for publication.

Presentations at the congress should not exceed 20 minutes and should preferably be supported with relevant visual materials.

Presentations made at the Congress will be recorded with audio and video and may be published in the platforms deemed appropriate by the Congress Organizing Committee.